The Environment

ProCoat Tecnologías S.L.U., fully committed to the planet.

Since its inception, ProCoat Tecnologías S.L. has been a company fully committed to protecting the environment by operating on three distinguished levels:

  • Product:
    • Solvent-free water-based products.
    • All BRUGAL® products are free from volatile organic compounds (VOC).
    • Some BRUGAL® products are free from hexavalent chromium and chrome-free.
  • Development:
    • A system has been implemented to minimise waste in development
  • Production:
    • Zero liquid waste is generated at our manufacturing facilities

BRUGAL® leads to maximum environmental friendliness

In coil coating lines (strips) or industrial painting lines (elements) where BRUGAL ® is used:

  • Water consumption and contaminated water generation are reduced
  • Sludge characteristic of the degreasing and pre-treatment stages is prevented because said phases are avoided
  • Energy consumption is drastically lower

ProCoat Tecnologías S.L.U. is an ISO 14001 company certified by DNV

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