ProCoat Tecnologías S.L.U., products geared to the future

ProCoat Tecnologías S.L.U. incorporates the principles of sustainable development into all areas of its operations, working closely with its customers and suppliers to design better products for consumers and the environment. To do so, ProCoat Tecnologías S.L.U. endeavours greatly to keep a balance between its target to be a financially stable company and its social responsibility towards its employees and the environment.
  • Stable workforce
  • Valued members in the company
  • Ongoing training
  • Safe working environment
  • High quality, products used for everyday goods
  • Water-based products
  • Manufacturing process with zero generation of liquid waste
  • Controlled processes to reduce energy consumption, emissions and resources in general
  • A financially stable company
  • Affordable, efficient products
BRUGAL® significantly increases corrosion protection of steel, thereby extending its durability so the need to replace it is reduced or even eliminated.
ProCoat Tecnologías S.L.U. designs BRUGAL® products that contribute significantly to sustainability by reducing or avoiding chemical processes in the industrial processes conducted by our customers and the manufacturers of steel manufactured products, whereby chemical product consumption and waste generation is minimised and, most importantly, the consumption of natural resources such as water and electricity is substantially reduced.
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