Quality Policy

Jaume Grau. CEO. ProCoat Tecnologías, S.L.U.


ProCoat Tecnologías S.L.U. makes a significant contribution to sustainability in the metal surface treatment sector. We consider Quality, the Environment and Occupational Hazard Prevention to be corporate priorities to allow us to offer complete satisfaction to our customers, employees and partners, and to the public authorities.

ProCoat Tecnologías S.L.U. designs solutions that are effective, efficient, innovative, customised, inexpensive, safe and environmentally friendly. By doing so, we develop products that deliver on all our customers’ expectations, providing added value and making an important contribution to sustainability by:

  • Reducing costs to the end customer or finished product manufacturer.
  • Avoiding subsequent processes, with consequent savings on chemical products and natural resources.
  • Increasing the durability or service life of steel, therefore delaying the need to recycle it.

ProCoat Tecnologías S.L.U. is a leader owing to the fact that it offers extensive solutions for all processes, in particular:

  • We manufacture our products, always offering high quality, optimising processes, generating the minimum possible waste, minimising the risks to which workers are exposed and meeting the delivery deadlines sought by our customers.
  • As an improvement and self-assessment tool for our system, we go about setting annual targets and goals and monitor them using pertinent indicators. Priority target: zero incidents, minimum waste, zero defects and maximum profitability.
  • We continually seek the best prices for raw materials, transportation and outsourced services so that we can offer our customers competitive prices.
  • We forge our products in the most suitable fashion, both technically and from the operational, legal and financial viewpoints.
  • We offer competitive prices, which results in financial savings for your processes.
  • We deliver our goods at the agreed time, regardless of the size of the order.
  • We provide speedy, safe and efficient technical assistance.
  • We are clear and precise in our communications, both internally and with our customers, suppliers and/or other agents. Ensure the consultation and participation of workers.
  • We minimise our environmental impact, waste and emissions.
  • We prevent any harm to, or deterioration of, our employees’ health.
  • We continually improve our activities from the point of view of quality of service provision, environmental practices and prevention of pollution, and in relation to the management and implementation of health and safety for our employees removing hazards, minimizing risks, and providing safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and health deterioration. Remove hazards and minimize risks.
  • We comply with applicable environmental, health and safety regulations, both with regard to legal requirements and those we have voluntary entered into.

To deliver on these commitments it is essential for this policy to have the involvement and acceptance of all the personnel at ProCoat Tecnologías S.L.U., of our distributors and partners and of related external organisations (subcontractors, active or potential customers, associations, etc.), with the end customer determining the level of success of any project. As a tool to help us work in line with these guidelines, ProCoat Tecnologías, S.L.U. has an Integrated Management System in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001:2015ISO 14001:2015ISO 45001:2018.

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