Chemical Treatments for Wires & Cables

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Chemical Treatments for Wires & Cables


Multifunctional Film-Forming Coating for wires and cables.

Specially designed to offer new performances to wires, cables and wire products besides a high corrosion protection, such as: dry lubricity and coloured finishing.

  • Characteristics
    • Water borne products (Solvent Free)
    • Free of Volatil Organic Compounds.
    • Hexavalent chromium (BRUGAL® FIL 600), Trivalent chromium (BRUGAL® FIL 300) and Cr free (BRUGAL® FIL 000) versions are available.
    • Applicable on galvanizing lines or in services lines.
    • It is applied at room temperature.
      Savings in energy terms.
    • It does not generate residues. It is a product of total consumption.
      Savings in residues treatment costs.
    • Non rinse process.
      Savings in water and effluent treatment costs.
  • Performances
    • Excellent corrosion resistance.
      • It delays the appearance of white rust and retaines gloss of galvanized surface for long period.
        Increases galvanized steel durability.
        At least  three times more of field life compared to uncoated wire.
      • Low film thickness (1 -4µ)
        Cost effective application.
    • Exceptional dry lubricity.
      • Built-in high dry lubricity to aid post-forming processes.
        More compact coils. Saving in transport costs a cause of  lower volume.
        Replaces wax. Savings in wax.
        Clean and dry, no oily residues:

        • wire completely dry and clean.
        • Galvanizing line and facilities clean.
        • Post forming tools require less maintenance costs because BRUGAL does not generate zinc powder.
      • Lubricity level can be adjusted according to customer requirements.
        Product adaptable to different needs.
    • Coloured and aesthetic finish.
      • Colourless or Coloured versions are available.
        Coloured option is translucent and bright.
      • Available in different colours: green, olive green, black, blue, gold, yellow, orange and red.
      • Highly decorative U.V. rays resistant colours are available.
        Coloured products very useful for identification purposes, according to quality and end use.
        Can replace plastic coated wire (PVC) with economy benefits: No additional application space is required because BRUGAL can be applied in the same galvanizing line.
  • Applications

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