Chemical Treatments for General Industry (Aluminium)

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Chemical Treatments for General Industry (Aluminium)


Pretreatment for Paint (Aluminium Profiles). Product specially designed for aluminium profile lacquers.

  • Characteristics
    • Liquid and water borne products (Free of solvents)
    • Free of Volatil Organic Compounds.
    • Organic and Inorganic chemistry
    • Non Rinse Process
    • Products approved by Qualicoat
  • Performances
    • High corrosion resistance.
    • Excellent adhesion between paint to metal.
  • Technical and economical advantages advantages in front of conventional pretreatment: chromatation
    • Corrosion resistance increases from 50% to 300% with excellent paint adhesion.
      Potential saving in consumption of paint.
    • Simple non rinse pre-treatment process.
      Shorter Industrial Lines.
      Savings in equipment costs.
      Savings in rinsing water.
      Savings in rinse effluent treatment costs.
    • No sludge formation.
      Long term durability of bath.
      Savings in sludge disposal expenses and bath restoration.
    • Constant quality.
      Savings in quality control: easier and less frequent bath control requirement allowing for savings in human resource.
      Savings by extreme reduction in number of rejected pieces.
    • Application at room temperature with minimal contact time.
      Significant energy savings in front of conventional phosphatation process.
    • Very easy to apply in vertical or horizontal lines: by flow coating (aspersion) or by dipping (basquet).
      High versatility process
      It allows choosing the most cost efficient option in each line.
  • Applications

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