• LATINGALVA, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2016




    ProCoat Tecnologías with Alken División Metalúrgica, its exclusive distributor in Argentina were present at the LATINGALVA held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 14th to 17th of November 2016.

    Eng. Jaume Grau, CEO of ProCoat, gave a speech titled “New Challenges & Performances for Hot Dip Galvanized Steel”. In this speech he gaves the following messages: the high innovation level of ProCoat, why the passivation is important to hold the brightness of the galvanized surface for long time, our innovative coloured but transparent anticorrosion protective coatings (BRUGALCOLOR & BRUGAL COLORSHIELD), other useful novelties like our ProCoat GalvBloc and our performing anticorrosion wet paints.

    ProCoat was the unique company who spoke about chemical coatings to coat the galvanized steel and increase its added value significantly.

    In our booth we received the visit of many latin american galvanizers who showed a high interest on our innovative BRUGAL products.

  • 22nd Hot Dip Galvanizing Conference, October 18-20, 2016



    Czech and Slovak Galvanizers Association in collaboration with the general partner of the conference WIEGEL organized this meeting at the Galant Hotel in Mikulov, Czech Republic.
    Jaume Grau, CEO of ProCoat Tecnologías and Juanjo Bermejo, director of ProCoat Deutschland attended and participated in this summit.
    Jaume Grau gave an interesting speech where he presented our company and our BRUGAL technology, specially the main BRUGAL products for general galvanizing.
    He received an excellent feedback from all the attendees.
    This event was a great opportunity for us to know better the Czech & Slovak general galvanizing market.

  • We have received the acknowledgement of Innovative Company



    On Tuesday 13 September we received the seal of Small Business Innovative issued by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

    The advantages of having this seal are the following:
    – You can benefit from the so-called “ICO Technological Innovation Fund”. New financing, with 323.6 million euros.

    – Opportunity to participate in innovative public procurement

    – Compatibility of the bonus in social security contributions for research personnel with the application of the tax credit for research and development and technological innovation in Article 35 of the revised text of the Corporation Tax Act.

    Therefore ProCoat will benefit from these advantages until December 31, 2018, date in which expires the stamp and proceed to its renewal.

  • Rest in peace

    We regret to inform our customers, suppliers and friends that Mr. Juan Brugarolas Fábregas passed away on July 21, 2016. he was the founder of ProCoat Tecnologias S.L. and developer of the BRUGAL Technology. All persons of the ProCoat family will take within us his entrepreneurial and innovative character and his human values.

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  • ProCoat attended the 2º Congresso Latino-Americano Steel Frame (Brazil)

    Jaume Grau, CEO of ProCoat, attended and participated in the 2º Congresso Latino-Americano Steel Frame held in Sao Paulo (Brazil) on May 11-12 2016.

    ProCoat participated in this conference sharing a booth with our distributor in Brazil, Alpha Galvano.

    The main themes of this meeting were the following: the practices being adopted in Brazil and the Latin American countries in the construction sector, opportunities in the crisis, technological innovations and the housing market countries.

    Jaume Grau gave a speech about our new BRUGAL products and their competitive advantages against our competitors.

    This conference was a great opportunity to better understand the situation of the construction sector in Brazil and to introduce new BRUGAL products.

    Under these lines we can see Samir Gebara, commercial director of Alpha Galvano and Jaume Grau, CEO of ProCoat Technologies.









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