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ProCoat Tecnologías S.L.U. has been developing BRUGAL® technology applied to metal surfaces since 1972.

ProCoat Tecnologías S.L.U. is a Spanish company located in Barcelona province, established in 1972 by Mr Juan Brugarolas Fábregas, a chemist, founder and head of the company in charge of the development of BRUGAL® technology for chemical treatments for metal surfaces.

BRUGAL® solutions not only offer a high corrosion resistance, but also significant savings for both direct users of BRUGAL® products and end manufacturers of steel products, thus making a huge contribution to the pursuit of sustainability.

We operate in the following sectors:

The iron and steel industry (steel coils), general galvanisation, tubes and pipes, wire, general industry (industrial paintwork) and electroplating.

BRUGAL® Solutions:
No evolution without innovation

A major part of our human resources are geared towards research, the continual development of our BRUGAL® technology and innovation (R+D+I). This state-of-the-art technology lends added value to world renowned companies and considerably reduces their costs.

BRUGAL® Benefits:
Chrome-free solutions applicable to all industrial sectors

Since 1990, all our R+D+I projects have been based on BRUGAL® hexavalent chrome-free solutions. Our staff’s extensive experience and knowledge has once again enabled us to play a ground-breaking, spearheading role following the historical technological change in the surface treatment sector owing to the ban on the use of hexavalent chrome by European electric appliance (2006) and car (2007) manufacturers.

BRUGAL® Products
Technology present the world over

BRUGAL® products are of interest to companies in highly industrialised countries who call for top quality specifications, as well as in emerging countries, where cost reduction is a priority. This, together with the company’s strong entrepreneurial spirit and the effective cooperation of a sound commercial network present in Europa, North America, South America, Africa and Asia, has led us to achieve an export share in excess of 90% in recent years.

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